Served Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am-3:00 pm 

KUAYTIAW (Noodles)

Phat Thai Thamadaa 
(Weekend lunch and after 10PM)
Rice noodles cooked in rendered pork fat with tamarind, fish sauce, palm sugar, peanuts, dried tofu, dried shrimp, preserved radish, egg, garlic chives and bean sprouts. 
Sorry, no chicken Phat Thai, try Kuaytiaw Khua Kai instead!

  • Phat Thai Muu Sap  11
    Regular with ground pork    
  • Phat Thai Kung Sot  12
    Regular with fresh prawns    
  • Phat Thai Ruam  12
    Regular with prawns and ground pork
  • Phat Thai Jay 8   add egg, 2 dollars
    No animal products.
  • Haw Khai  add 2 dollars
    any of the above, wrapped in a thin omelette      

Phat Sii Ew (Available Vegetarian)  11
Fresh local wide rice noodles, Carlton Farms pork, Chinese broccoli, egg and black soy sauce stir-fried in a smoking hot wok. Cooking method studiously lifted from Yok Faa Pochana, a favorite Chiang Mai street side restaurant. Had to eat there about 50 times before trying to cook the dish...but had it figured after the second or third visit.  Simple is best!

Kuaytiaw Khua Kai / Kung   10 / 12
Fresh locally made wide rice noodles stir-fried in rendered pork fat with chicken or prawns, cuttlefish, egg and green onions, served on chopped lettuce.  A Bangkok Chinatown specialty. 

Spaghetti Phat Khii Mao 10
“Drunkard’s stir fry” with aromatics, three kinds of chiles, green peppercorns, hot basil, long bean, man kaew and boar. A classic Thai drinking food dish with a modern Thai twist: spaghetti instead of rice noodles....rice spaghetti.

Kuaytiaw Tom Yam Muu  12
Spicy rice noodle soup with BBQ pork, ground pork, pork balls, cracklings, peanuts, bean sprouts, long beans and fried garlic. Choice of thin or wide rice noodles.

Kuaytiaw Naam Kai  9
Noodles in a simple chicken broth with shredded chicken, bean sprouts, green onions, Chinese celery and fried garlic. Choice of thin or wide rice noodles.  The most common of Thai street noodles, and the most simple. 


Ai-tiim (house made ice cream) 5oz 5
Durian, Thai Tea, Mango, Thai Coffee or Vanilla-Bourbon. Rich, creamy and very flavorful. We hold our own on Division street with this ice cream!



KHAO rice dishes

Khao Muu Daeng & Muu Krob   11
Jasmine rice topped with house-made BBQ red pork and crispy pork belly soused with a sesame “gravy” and served with steamed gailan.  Lunchtime favorite all over Thailand

Khao Phat Muu  10
Stir-fried jasmine rice with pork, tomato, green onion, garlic, egg and fish sauce. Served with sliced cucumber and lime. Classic Thai one plate meal.

AAHAAN PHROM snacks and sides

Mantou Muu Waan 3.50
Steamed bun stuffed with shredded sweet pork and topped with fried shallots.

Mantou Muu Krob 3.50
Crispy pork belly bun with Thai sri racha sauce.

Mantou Muu Daeng 3.50
Thai BBQ pork bun with sesame pan dripping sauce.

Choice of any three Mantou 10

Shrimp Chips 4

Plaa Lek Thawt Krob 3
Deep-fried dried anchovies with sri racha sauce.

1/4 lb House-Roasted Red Peanuts 5
Pok Pok style with lime leaf, garlic, chilies and sea salt